When Do You Need a St. Louis CPA?

St. Louis CPA and accounting
St. Louis CPA and accounting

When should I hire a professional St Louis (CPA)?

CPAs act as trusted advisers for all types of individuals and businesses. This includes services such as tax preparation, personal financial planning, auditing, business consulting, developing accounting and bookkeeping systems (including QuickBooks) and much more.

For many of our clients, having our services at their disposal allows them to increase profitability, minimize their taxes, diversify their investments, and reach their financial, personal, and business goals. A trusted and experienced St. Louis CPA like Jeremy Klaven, CPA, and Brad Rotermund, CPA, can help your St. Louis business or family navigate the world of accounting, taxes, and financial planning.

CPA vs. non-CPA: Is there really a difference?

Our office is often asked what is the difference between a St. Louis CPA and a non-certified accountant.  The easiest way to explain this is to say that a non-certified accountant is not required to go through any training, licensing, or education and can market themselves and open an office as an accountant.  On the other hand, CPAs must adhere to the state requirements for the initial license, meet continuing education requirements, and adhere to professional guidelines.  In the state of Missouri, 150 hours from an accredited college with an emphasis in accounting and business are required to be designated as a CPA. A large majority of CPAs hold major degrees from accredited universities.  The State Board of Missouri requires the passing of the CPA exam, annual continuing education of 40 hours per year, and a peer review performed by an independent CPA.  Mr. Klaven and Mr. Rotermund, are both seasoned, experienced and trusted St. Louis CPA’s that have been serving thousands of businesses and individuals just like you.

Because we live in a free market society, anyone can practice accounting, but as the saying goes: “let the buyer beware.”