401(k) Audit: St Louis Accounting

K&R Certified Public Accounting‘s CPAs are your trusted 401(k) Audit Specialists. Today, 401 (K) plans are governed by complex and varied rules, regulations and various government agencies including the IRS, DOL, and ERISA. We understand the complexities and challenges of conducting this intricate audit and ensuring compliance in your audit and filings. If you’re not sure if you company needs a 401(k) Audit, we can help you determine if your company is required to conduct one.

We understand that establishing a 401(k) plan for your organization was designed to be a benefit for the employees.  Often complex rules and regulation can make this benefit seem like a hassle.  Our goal is to make this process seamless and efficient.  Our experience and system allow us to perform the 401(k) audit without impacting your daily routine.  Also, our accounting firm’s structure allows us to offer competitive rates on our audit services.